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Managerial Accounting Weygandt 6th Edition Pdf Solution




pdf files are also included in the Instructors Manual. Defining and Identifying Flukes {#Sec1} =============================== Flukes are members of the phylum Platyhelminthes, class Trematoda, order Fucicolidae, family Fucicolidae, genus *Fasciola.* Trematodes are parasitic flatworms. These worms are flat and often have a round body with a conical tail that is attached. Other common names for flukes are flukes, flesh worms, tapeworms, and blood flukes (Table [51.1](#Tab1){ref-type="table"}). We can classify the flukes into two groups: trematodes and cestodes. The two groups are closely related and have many similar characteristics. However, the flukes differ in size, method of attachment, and the location where eggs are laid in the body of the host. As with other flatworms, flukes have an elaborate digestive tract that uses the food particles it takes in to synthesize a specific set of compounds. The liver of the fluke is large and performs a number of important functions including building specific molecules, digestion, and detoxification.Table 51.1Common names for flukesClassOrderCestoda (Tapeworms)The Diphyllobothriidae have been divided into two groups: the cattle and buffalo tapeworms. The adults of these tapeworms live inside the intestine, and the eggs are laid in feces. As the eggs move through the environment, they can be ingested by other animals. These infections are usually contracted from ingesting contaminated water or food. Visceral larval stage is introduced through the ingestion of snails or slugs, or from fertilization of eggs by male and female tapeworms. Cattle tapeworms are infected through the ingestion of feces from infected cattle. Humans can be infected by eating raw or undercooked beef containing tapeworm eggs (acanthocephala).Cyclophyllidea (Common Roundworms)Platyhelminthes, Cyclophyllidea, Cestoda, Cestode, Cyclophyllidea, Oligochaeta, Filarioidea, DiphyllobothriidaeCyclophyllidea are a group of cestodes with three major subgroups. The capillaria are tapeworms of the dog and cat. The



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Managerial Accounting Weygandt 6th Edition Pdf Solution

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