How to create a sustainable wardrobe

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The word ethical and sustainable are heard everywhere these days. Though sustainable is basically used for food and edible stuffs, nowadays people apply it to clothing as well. But what is the exact meaning of a sustainable closet? How exactly do you create a sustainable wardrobe?

The main step while creating a sustainable closet is streamlining the closet. But it doesn't start with throwing away things. Before tossing away your clothes while causing environmental damage and polluting the land with synthetic. Clothes we can actually streamline our closet into different piles of clothes such as clothes we love, may wear soon, that don't fit and the ones you will never wear again. You can then give yourself a few weeks before donating that specific pile to charity.

The second step is to take a better look at the cloth pile you have labeled “ can be worn if fit better”. So if you really love those clothes then you can spend some time to get those altered. It's high time we see clothing as indispensable stuff that can be worn many times. Else you can recycle and use them for variety of household purposes following DIY projects.

The third step is to always take stock of what's left ons die your closet. It time to locate the void in the wardrobe. It's easy to get distracted by trendy styles these days that we don't realise the clothing that will suit us or the ones that we actually need. Always when you buy clothes you should be very happy to wear them for years to come .

The fourth most important aspect is to know that less is really more. To create a sustainable wardrobe always buy clothes with a purpose. Once you have an idea of how you will you will wear piece of cloth you will be able to make better shopping decisions.

Now that you have streamlined your closet and decided on what you exactly need, you are now set for the entertaining part- “shopping”. Go for sustainable and ethical brands that are more into eco friendly natural fabrics and ones that follow ethical sustainable process without the use of chemical dyes. Always opt for brands that are transparent about their ethical and sustainable manufacturing process. If you are planning for a sustainable closet then you will have to first decide whether you want your clothing made in an ethically run outlet or the fabric to be more eco friendly and choose accordingly.

Happy ethical and sustained eco friendly shopping!

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