Green Celebrities Around the World

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The consequences of Fast Fashion obligatorily beckons upon sustainable fashion. We have hit an era where green fashion boldly steps forward to rescue our planet. Several environmental activists and sustainable fashion designers who have pined for a revolution, can now gradually see it happening. Though only a few are dawdling towards this green change, many have at last realised that there is no ‘PLANET-B’!!!

The causes of fast fashion have awakened several celebrities around the world. They intend to strive towards sustainable fashion so as to bring about a transformation in the fashion field. Several Celebrities boldly dressed up organic to spread awareness and indicate the need for the whole world to rise towards sustainable fashion.

One among them is the ever charming Emma Watson, who promotes Sustainable Fashion through a new Instagram account, The Press Tour, which she created exquisitely for raising her voice on green fashion. She publishes the work of sustainable fashion designers and some of her posts reveal how they created it.

Alicia Silverstone quotes “Everything you do in the name of the environment not only saves your health, it saves your soul.” She launched a website, ‘thekindlife’, for a sustainable living and she gives out ideas on how to follow a vegan fashion lifestyle. Her vegan fashion inspiration has made a solid statement in the fashion industry.

Stella McCartney’s brand was the first to produce both sophisticated and eco-friendly apparels. It is also the first luxury brand to be anti-leather and fur. Stella said I’m a big believer in that just doing a little something, is a lot better than doing a lot of nothing”, hoping that she inspires and influences the other luxury fashion brands to be sustainable and eco-friendly. along with Coca-Cola launched Ekocycle for producing clothes and accessories made out of recycled materials. Their brand’s main motive was to promote sustainable fashion and endow the consumers with knowledge on the fast fashion crises. They not only took sustainable fashion to a whole new level but also ascertained the importance of recycling and created a demand for it.

Olivia Wilde said ‘sustainability has got a bad reputation, especially in fashion. I think people assume the clothes will be dull, the fabrics uncomfortable and the design uninspiring’. The actress cum model has signed on as the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection. They recently launched products made out of recycled polyester, organic cotton and silk. H&M, known for fast fashion clothing, has now slowly shifted towards environment-friendly fashion with Olivia Wilde who overtly promoted this campaign.

Green fashion trend has now been taken up by several celebrities around the world who use their strengths; popularity, wealth, and creativity and so on, to spread the awareness on sustainable fashion and bring forth the need to change quickly before it’s too late for redemption. They intend to set a statement in the fashion industry and contribute to our only planet by promoting eco-friendly fashion.

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