Go green: sustainability and the future of fashion

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The Fashion industry has gradually lost its reputation in the eye of environmentalists and eco-activists, mainly due to the arrogance it has shown towards the planet. Fast Fashion made the fashion industry look a villain, as it plays an essential role in quickly draining the resources and polluting the earth. Now that more people are aware of what fast fashion has done or is doing to our only planet, they are gradually shifting towards sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion is an approach where garments are produced in an eco-friendly manner using recycled or recycle-able materials. So basically, designers re-use vintage clothes or recycle products to produce environment-friendly outfits. By doing this, no further resources are drained and nothing goes to waste as well.

As a token of love for our planet, many have stepped out of fast fashion and follow slow fashion wherein they purchase less and re-use more. The fundamental principle behind slow fashion is ranking quality over quantity. By this, lesser resources are taken out and apparels are used for a longer time. Slow fashion wipes the tears of our mother earth and provides us a better and assured tomorrow.

The long-term goal of slow fashion is to reduce the amount of production and decrease the waste. Not only for the environment, but also for Human health, slow fashion is the ideal way that all must take into consideration and start following. The amount of chemicals used by fast fashion companies is vast which in turn affects the health of the human body. On the other hand, slow fashion uses organic materials like 100% cotton or silk which doesn’t cause much harm.

The Fashion industry is changing all around the world. This drastic shift is because some have voiced out their concerns for the environment and opened the eyes of several to notice what the fashion industry has been and is still doing to their beloved planet.

As this catastrophe has come to the knowledge of many, only a few have taken a step against fast fashion and towards sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion has now come to the rescue of our sick planet, yet many don’t seem to seek help from it. As it is more expensive than fast fashion, many simply choose to stick to inorganic fashion not knowing that they put their only planet in danger.

There are several brands that promote slow fashion and one among them is Rossbelle who strictly use organic materials for manufacturing their products. Like these brands, many designers also strive towards sustainable fashion to make an impact in the industry. This has influenced the fast fashion brands such as H&M and hence they also started following sustainable fashion. The faster the change, the healthier for our mother earth.

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