Ethical Fashion is the New Black

Eco fashion or sustainable fashion is the growing trend of sustainability to create a system that can support by environment and social responsibility. Sustainable fashion has become trendy over the recent years. Well flourished designers and celebrities have dragged ethical fashion to street fashion all throughout the world.

For years now, the fashion industry has taught us to buy latest and trendy styles every season. Fast fashion out goes more as it has products that are the cheaper versions of designer trends. But many doubt if it is the right way. Maybe it's time we think well of clothes rather than it being a throwaway piece. Few outright clothes may make your legs look slim and your figure look sexy but will they fit you in the long run? The least we can do with the clothes is show our appreciation in what we wear.

The best option is to buy ethically produced clothes. Recently this trend has conquered the fashion world so much that it can be the future of the fashion industry. The big wave of recent green fashion gives its credits to designers like Stella McCartney who took the Eco awareness campaign to a whole new level with their designs in the early years. Now with an army of Eco champions in the fashion industry along with celebrities who are committed to going green, these ethically produced attires have gained popularity and have become trendy making the public access it in more than one way.

The only concern is if this ethical fashion will be a passing concept that will be in the minds of the people temporarily to keep up with the ongoing green campaigns or has green really become the new black ? According to the May 2007 Vogue, sustainable fashion "does not appear to be a seasonal trend but one that could last multiple seasons, across years, the very word of season being up for grabs in a climate-affected world"

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