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A circular lifestyle brand for women
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Our Story

Made in 2016 by a young fashion enthusiast, we design and make the lion's share of our limited-edition collections from mindful production accomplices here in India utilising sustainable strategies and materials. We source sustainable and vintage fabrics while fusing better practices all through our supply chains to make excellent styles at a small amount of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. It is our central goal to lead and motivate a sustainable way to be stylish.

We work in a breezy new office in North Chennai. We have a little group on the ground in Chennai and Dubai. It's trying now and again, however, we visit each other regularly.

Our Stuff

Rossbelle Philosophy



We make our pieces from sustainable materials, dead-stock fabrics, and re purposed vintage fabrics. As we develop, we will probably push harder to make more feasible fabric alternatives. 

  • Eco fabrics - Over a portion of our articles of clothing are made with stuff ethically produced receiving environment-friendly practices by utilising handwoven and natural dyed organic cotton, linen and similar ones - which minimises energy utilisation and encourages ecological conservation. These fabrics are created by exceptionally talented artisans. The artisan people group are among-st the world's most minimised individuals and working with them advances gender equality, cultivates employment and empowerment. 
  • Vintage and Dead-stock - About 40% of out textures are vintage or dead-stock, which implies we give a moment life that might be bound for the landfill.We purchase old, remaining, and over-requested fabrics from different fashioners and fabric distribution centres. This permits us to reuse and occupy these materials from the landfill and into your wardrobe. It looks superior to anything it sounds.


Design -

    The design procedure begins with us contemplating what we truly need to wear. At ROSSBELLE we consider more than simply making wonderful clothes, the brand embodies beauty, enthusiasm and innovation for the carefree, confident and curious woman. A sketch turns into a dress in about a month. We're planning and making what you need to wear at this moment.

     Our Principle

    Our Principle - Sustainability -

    We put sustainability at the core of everything that we do, with the goal that we affect our environment in the least way possible. We additionally put resources into the people who make this upset conceivable. 

    Empowerment: We accept and endeavour to fortify and bolster our group of clients, creators, artisans, ranchers, producers and entrepreneurs motivated by India. We resuscitate to manage India's textile legacy of hand weaving and natural dyeing by connecting craft based rustic makers to current urban markets, in this way making a base for gifted, feasible country work, and protecting India's conventional painstaking work all the while. 

    Recycle and Re-use: We reuse or give our textile scraps at whatever point conceivable. Zero waste is our objective. Each easily overlooked detail includes. We comprehend the effect that every piece of clothing has of nature in this manner empowering us to settle on engaged decisions and make long term lifestyle solutions.

    E-commerce: By and large, e-commerce utilises around 30% less energy than customary retail. 

    Reusable tote bags: More than 102 billion plastic bags are hurled a year. We choose reusable totes since they relieve the burden. Also, they're way cuter.


    "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."