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Social Responsibilty

Team Rossbelle, in order to reduce consumption and to set a strong policy on 'REUSE' in the minds of one and all, came up with an ingenious idea of SWAP MY CLOTHES. 

The concept of SWAP MY CLOTHES is to predominantly throw light on reusing the same apparel by creating something trendy out of the old fabric. This campaign was open to all, where anyone can bring their old fabric, sari, Kurtis or any apparel and transfer it into a dashing, mode and trendy outfit as per their liking. This not only saves money but also our lovely planet as well. In a way, everybody who participated in this campaign, contributed to Mother Earth.

Swap my Clothes campaign went on for 3 months where more than 300 people showed interest. This campaign embarked a clear image and created awareness in many on what our planet is going through because of fast fashion and wastage of textiles. 

Rossbelle is giving its best to set statements in fashion industry and create awareness on sustainable fashion. This innovative campaign certainly impacted many people.