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Why do we need a Fashion Revolution - Arture talks about transparency and ethical fashion with Rossbelle

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Less is more. Arture strongly believes in minimalism, functionality and sustainability. Arture assures quality lifestyle accessories that are forever. Utmost care is taken in procuring our materials to ensure that least harm is done to the environment.
"The lifestyle of our customers is a key consideration while making any of our designs."
Artutre Card Case
This Fashion Revolution Week Shivani Patel, the Co-Founder talk to us why there has to be transparent and ethical fashion industry.
Why do this it is necessary to be ethical and transparent? 
It's simple - The only reason to hide something is if you're doing something wrong. If there's nothing to hide, brands should be comfortable answering anything that is asked about their manufacturing and supply chain. People need to be accountable for whatever impact they have in this world. 
How is Arture doing it differently from others?
At Arture, we try to strike a balance and be as sustainable, ethical and eco-conscious as possible. It's not just about the end product. We ensure that not only do we treat and pay our people fairly, but all our suppliers do the same. 
Wallet from Arture
Why do you think we need a Fashion Revolution?
Because unless people are aware and educated about all these things, nothing will change. I myself did note TRULY understand the depth of the impact of fast fashion until Fashion Revolution came about and I read some terrible things and watched The True Cost. Only when you are educated about these things does it begin to feel real, and scary. The Revolution is needed because the world needs to change. 
What do u think he changed in the last five years and how has the.  Industry evolved
I am seeing more and more ethical brands cropping up, and customers getting more conscious about what they buy and what they wear. I also see more people developing fabrics that are better for the environment, with a smaller footprint. That's wonderful to see. 
What is Fairtrade according to you?
Ethics in every stage of a business - starting from where your raw materials are coming from, who is making your fabrics, right until who is making the final product, and how it's being made. The people and the environment have to be treated fairly at all these levels. 
Cork accessoriesfrom Arture
How does Arture celebrate Fashion Revolution week this year?
We're celebrating by featuring other brands on social media who are doing such inspiring things. These are the brands that are making a difference in the world. We've also been talking about our processes and our people, to whom we owe everything. Without them, there is no Arture. 
Shivani Patel
About Shivani -  As a child, she was very fond of arts, crafts and colours. Entering the field of design came as a very natural progression. She studied accessory design and dreamed of having a brand of her own one day. Her passion towards animals, nature, minimalism, and beautiful products led to the formation of Arture.

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