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What does Fashion Transparency mean?

Giant fashion brands supply fashionable outfit all over the globe. But they have no idea from where all their clothing products are made from. These big giants don't own their own factories rather get their clothing manufactured in factories outside their country at a cheaper rate. Thus having no knowledge of the materials used or the working conditions In the factory. The manufacturing and the supply involves a lot of complex processes. Sometimes one brand might manufacture and supply clothing to many partners making the process more complicated. The only way for these giant fashion brands to identify and acknowledge the people and the factors behind the manufacturing of their clothing are -”fashion transparency”.

Who made my clothes?

Who made my clothes?

Fashion transparency is a process of letting the brand, company and the consumers to know every little detail of the manufacturing process of their clothing products. Fashion transparency helps us to know details like who cultured our cotton? Who made the fabric? Who dyed the fabric? Who got the stitching together? And who helped in the supply process.

Need for fashion transparency

True Cost of Fashion

In the light of recent events, it is very important to undergo fashion revolution by making every detail

Of manufacturing clothes transparent. Fashion transparency helps to curb the fashion brands from getting away doing unethical manufacturing and supply processes. Some brands even go to the extent of exploitation the work force by paying them less and making them work in harsh conditions. Child labour is also common in this field. These giant brands don't tell us from where the raw materials are obtained, dyed, printed and finished for production. The only solution that the fashion industry up takes to meet their rising customer demand in the market is manufacturing clothing products in sweatshops in bulk quantities. But as of now we still have no clue about the impact our planet and our environment will have due to these trends followed in the fashion industry. We still have no clue about the people who make our clothing from collecting the raw materials to finishing the product.

 How fashion transparency brings about fashion revolution?

Fashion Transparency

By knowing all these teeny tiny details of the clothes, the fashion brands and the consumers can interfere In case there is any malpractice followed while manufacturing the clothing products thus saving our planet and environment. Customers are ready to pay extra to know that their clothes are not made in sweatshops rather they are made in proper working condition by people being paid right. So now the responsibility falls on the brand to know about their manufacturing and supply process to make sure that their clothes are made in ethical conditions. By making the process transparent manufacturers will track down and make a report of all the process, working conditions, well-being and the wages given to the workers. This will also help the brands to make their supply chain more ethical and sustainable To make sure that a huge number of workers have the to the right to proper working conditions, wages and quality of life and workspace.

Calling everyone!!

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As fashion transparency increases, the way in which manufacturing, supply and business of clothing products will get streamlined ethically. Many companies are now trying to make their brand more transparent and now it's the duty of every consumer to see if they are keeping up their word. It is very important for everyone - the public, manufacturers, consumers, suppliers, trade unions and all the government and non-governmental organisations to play a part in bringing about a revolution in the fashion industry.

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