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Top 10 Spring Summer Trends Sustainable Fashion 2017

by Adveta Dwivedi | | 2017 trends, fashion, spring summer 17, spring summer fashion, sustainable fashion | 0 Comments

Fashion trends of Spring and summer usually have everyone super-duper-change-your-wardrobe kind of excited. Stylists and fashionistas find this to be essentially a buoyant season. From jumbo frills, bling trend of the 80’s to the poshest colour palette, spring/summer 2017 is oozing out exuberance in every stitch and layer. Most trusted trend of spring/summer collection - florals and stripes are back with a bang and more oomph to make you have a second glance. So, if you ever thought that the spring/summer trend is predictable and boring you are completely wrong. This runway season is all about accepting literal artistic attires and the season’s most sustainable fashion with DIY culture. So, read on more to know about the top 10 spring/summer 2017 collection to fill your wardrobe to make it your most happy place.

1. Seaside Statement  Stripes:

Seaside Stripes

Taking the idea from beach umbrellas and seaside lounge chairs, this is the top most sought after trend this spring/summer collection. The stripe collection this season is available in most elegant forms. The stripe outfits can be combined with stripe boots for a better contrast.

2. Khaki:



Khaki Trend

                      Picture Courtesy:  Vogue

This colour came from “boring” to “cool” the moment Kim Kardashian slipped into a khaki bodycon. Every fashionista has figured how to make this trend work as both a casual and a formal wear. At the runway this year long boring trench coats got replaced by tailored jackets making it more utilitarian.


3.Two Toned Denim:

Double toned denim trend

                       Picture Courtesy:  WSGN

Two toned jeans of last summer are back in again.Two-tone denim varies from mixed-material panels or laser-etched onto jeans with the knees as a key area of focus.Now style your favourite  two-tone jeans with plain white tees, or go full double denim for sleek relaxed look


4. White shirt dress:

Classic White Shirt Dress

The old boring shirt is now back with a bang making it an interesting sustainable fashion attire in 2017.The white shirt dress can be your go to attire for your workstation. Ruffles shirt dress, over sized sleeve dress, peek-a-boo-cut shirt dress have hit the runway this season.


5. Go easy Robes:

Over Sized Robes

Exaggeration is the main spring/summer trend of sustainable fashion this 2017. If you're too lazy to dress up early in the morning or for an event after work, tossing a robe over your work clothes or your morning attire is the best available trendiest option.


6. Ruffles all the way:

Ruffle Trend

Ruffles are a must this spring/summer season and it doesn't make your outfit girly. If you don't wear Ruffled outfits you might as well not step outside. Ruffles help to maintain femininity with ease. Ruffled asymmetrical dresses, Ruffled voluminous skirt or a one shoulder Ruffled shirt paired with a pair of jeans is a must this season.


7. Pop colours:

Pop Color Trend

                                       Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

The future of the fashion industry looks very very bright, thanks to pop colours. This spring/summer season fashionistas are on the prowl for something flashy. So, the designers have dipped their fingers making their sustainable fashion outfits into bright fluorescent hues this season for both day and night wears. The colours this season have gone to the next level of clashing. Imagine colours like pink and blue, yellow and orange .. Making the choice endless for you.


8. Time to lace up:

Lace Trend

When the fashion world screams lace, it is not for your shoes. This spring/summer runway has a lot of sustainable fashion outfits that are strapped up in the trendiest ways. Laced up outfits can either be subtle or really flashy.


9. Sleeved slits:

Slit Sleeve Trend

Last season fashionistas were all about flared sleeves, but this spring/summer collection is all about slits in the sleeves. To oomph up the sleeves, you can pair them with eye catchy bangles or bracelets to up your fashion game.


10. Floral prints:

Floral Trend

It definitely is “trend setting”. This year's fresh floral prints in skirts, full Maxis and Ruffled tops are breaking the runway oozing out femininity and grace.

So all you ladies out there it's time to grab the latest trends of spring/summer sustainable fashion outfits to keep your wardrobe updated and eco-friendly!