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Loved clothes last longer

by Intern Sangamithra | | loved clothes last, sustainable fashion | 0 Comments

Do you call yourself a total fashionista? It is because you spend a lot of time doing makeup or purchasing clothes. Do you spend a lot more time in maintaining yourself? Well, it is not enough to do the just mentioned things. One has to maintain different types of clothes. What is that one thing that can make them last longer? Yes, it is simply their care. It is a fact that the clothes we love the most last longer. Do you know why it happens?  We bring the best reasons behind this happening. We are sure you will be glad and astonished. Have a look.


When you are passionate about clothes, you buy expensive brand-name garments. It is because you won’t mind spending much on them. As you spend much, you automatically start paying attention to them. You will love it and you will care for them. Another advantage you get is that you never go out of style. Start taking care of your clothes to have a solid base wardrobe. It will be better to call them quality investment pieces. Start buying costly garments and they will last longer. What should be preferred quantity or quality? The answer lies in maintenance. Whatever you choose you to have to take care of it.

When you love your clothes, you feel attached. You automatically shower daily, wear deodorant. Some of the people even start taking good care of its hygiene. All this is enough for the long, safe and healthy life of your clothes.

The most important thing is the presence of mind and dressing sense. When you love a particular dress you will wear it for a special occasion. You will have an ability to choose right clothes for the right events. You will be more careful while wearing your favorite expensive lace dress. All this pays off. Remember to love your dresses and they will be with you for a long time.



It is obvious that when you love your clothes you start taking their extra care. You will treat them as if they are your children. And this is what makes them last longer. You learn all the basic repairs. How to lose the thread or a missing button? Do you know what does it mean when a dress lasts longer? It saves you a ton of money. It may appear ridiculous but people keep the simple sewing kit with them.

These are the simple acts a person does when he has a special love for any cloth. And this is what makes any dress last longer. It may be a gift from someone or it may an expensive dress. But it is not bad when a dress lasts longer.