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Green & Green fashion '17

by Intern Sangamithra | | ethical fashion, Green, Green fashion, Hope, sustainable fashion | 0 Comments

Greenery the colour of hope and sustainable fashion



This year the global authorities have come up with the colour of the year as “Greenery”. This colour symbolizes as the colour of hope and sustainability. The fashion industry has long introduced the colour into the runway this season keeping up with the worldly developments.


Pantone’s Greenery is a blend of flashy yellow and green which reminds us of the fresh days of early spring when Mother Nature is reviving and restoring herself. Thus making an individual stop to take a deep breath to freshen the body taking in the beauty of the lush greenery.


According to Pantone this tangy shade oozes out a great sense of buoyancy, this shade definitely does impart a huge deal of boldness and self-assurance making one's life successful and happy. This colour can be greatly associated with sustainability and helps to elevate the mood of the person wearing it as well. Greenery being a tagline for sustainable fashion can easily make its way into many wardrobes this year. Pantone keeping in mind how the world is moving towards sustainability in fashion and their lifestyle chose this colour to be the colour of the year.


So take a peek into your wardrobe, if you could find a top, a coat, a jacket or a stole in this tangy shade then kudos… you definitely have won! You have a piece of attire in the colour of the year !


Greenery symbolizes and helps us connect our wardrobe with nature for a larger purpose. The colour has been pulled up to the front with the hue being omnipresent in lifestyle, wardrobe and all the other choices in the world.


Balenciaga on the Lotta Volkova, for SS17 used the colour on the runway. Oscar de la Renta Also had his shade introduced into his collection this season. The famous US Vogue also styled Ruth Negga in the colour of the year greenery-printed Alexander Wang shirt with off-greenery backdrop for their cover this January. Well, what's more to say about the popularity of the colour when Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Lena Dunham have all had their hairs coloured in this tangy shade.


Well it's time for you to own a piece of cloth in Greeney!